A new 61-unit modular student accommodation scheme incorporating superb communal facilities with a total area over 17,000 sqf was built in 18 months. Kidd Construction played a major role in facilitating the on-time and on-quality delivery of the project. Being initially commissioned with the Fit-Out works of the communal areas, we quickly took over additional responsibilities in other parts of the project with our construction management skills as well as the quality of our teams and delivery.

Taking the project from the foundation level and building on it we did the following works; floor works including thermal insulation, water proofing and screeding, partition walls, tape & jointing, decorating, suspended ceilings, manufacturing and fitting of joinery including kitchens, cinema and gaming rooms, fitting of internal doors, tile works, design and fitting of main shaft balustrades, upstands, dry risers and fire cabinets.

Working closely with the Main Contractor, the Client and the architects, we managed to complete all our works smoothly within target with close cooperation and coordination with several subcontractors.

Built in 1960’s in one of the most affluential parts of Richmond, the 2-storey detached house offered huge potential for the new owners. From the roof, through the attic, down to the floors and landscape, we worked and re-created every corner of the house in just 5 months, with a total area of over 3,300 sqf.  Commissioned with a Build contract, we helped with almost all design aspects as well with no extra burden to the owners, enabling large savings.

Major house extension, renovation and refurbishment project consisting of a garage conversion, rear extension, complete layout change requiring a new steel structural system and complete renovation of all the infrastructure of the house including complete rewiring, new underfloor heating system and piping, levelling the floors and flooring, new stairs, new walls, adding new bathrooms, relocating and fitting the kitchen, changes on the external walls, complete external cavity wall insulation, closing of old openings and creating new ones on the external wall, repointing, changing the main foul flow system of the house due to layout changes, coordination with all utility providers, new gas and water connections, tiling, plastering and decorating.

A development project by Kidd. A 560 sqf, 1 bedroom, complete derelict flat to be fully renovated and refurbished, converted to 2 bedrooms and sold within 3 months after purchase.

After a complete layout change, the flat was rewired with a new heating system, new kitchen, new flooring and tiles, new bathroom, plastering and decoration, all refurb works completed in 5 weeks.

Complete layout change and refurbishment of a studio flat in Putney, which was converted into a one-bedroom flat designed according to the needs of a young student. The flat was completely rewired, bathroom layout changed to accommodate a modern look, kitchen relocated to the living room to create an even more embracing and compact living space.

The works were completed in 3 weeks over Christmas and New year period to allow occupation with the start of the school term.

An international business school building in Russell Square, WC1B London, fully decorated over a period of two weekends.

We helped the design and the development of a bespoke bathroom work of a detached house in Southgate area. The owner of the house wanted to renew the bathroom, have more light and a modern design with light colors.
We helped the clients with various design ideas, gave several suggestions on how to increase the functionalities of the bathroom while improving the design with simple and colorful details.
Once the design was agreed and materials purchased we did the installation in a very timely and high quality way. The client was very happy

We helped the client with the renewing of the existing roof on its garage conversion done couple of years ago. The client did a garage conversion in the past years and was using the space as a home office. The roof started to leak last winter. The leakage wasn’t very big at the beginning but then started to increase and damage the carpet on the floor as well the as the roofs.
Further to a couple of visits to see the progress of the leakage, we suggested the client to act on the problem as the damage was going to get bigger next winter.
When we started the work and lifted some of the existing layers, we found out that problem was bigger than anticipated and the damp was also harming the wooden rafters on the roof.
So, we removed the existing tiles, cement, underfelt and timber batons, replaced rotten ones, installed new 10 mm eaves vents secured to the top of the existing facia boards, installed new breathable roofing felt to main roof, installed new timber roof batons fixed to existing rafters, laid new roof tiles and fixed each tile by nailing to batons. Then ridge tiles and verge tiles to be bedded onto a cement mix and also secured mechanically with a clip. The roof was tested under heavy rains lately and there was no leakage left. The client was very happy.

The client was moving into a new office space and needed to change the kitchen which was in a very poor condition. We worked on a tight budget and schedule as they had to leave their existing office on a certain date and there wasn’t much time to prepare the new one as they had a very busy business. Project was completed on time and budget. They were very pleased overall.

The flat, situated on the third floor of an ex-council property, had large cracks on the walls. Besides, the rendering of the walls was done DIY by the previous owners and didn’t look very good.
The owner of the flat wanted us to repair the cracks on the walls, plaster and paint the whole flat, repair areas with damp problem, put new tiling in the bathroom, revisit the installation of kitchen cabinets and counter top to fit it properly as it was left in a poor condition.
We completed all these works in less then 3 weeks and the flat looked like new when we left. The owner was very happy and expressed that many times during and after our work.