Our Core

We deliver value through a combination of rigorous analysis, hands on management and innovative design. There are 4 main pillars at the core of our operations.


Kidd was founded by our Managing Director who brings a wealth of experience in many aspects of property development. Having travelled around the world, lived and worked in several countries and with hands on work experience of 30 years, our MD’s role is focused on site selection, planning development and investment analysis. He is an engineer by academic background and holds an MBA and Asset Management Certification.

Team & Partners

Kidd works with highest calibre professionals from start to the completion of projects and uses the latest land technology tools to identify and analyse potential opportunities. Kidd has a power team comprising of dynamic and well experienced planning consultants, architects, surveyors, designers, legal and financial advisors as well as construction managers.


Kidd’s investment and development philosophy is built on risk management with a high degree of data driven analysis. The firm is committed to protect investor capital while maximizing the return on equity.


Kidd’s investor base is comprised of our own retained earnings, high net worth individuals, family and friends. We look forward to work with investors who seek for a boutique development firm to be in close contact with the projects and stay informed throughout their lifespan.